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Boiler Installation - Coundon, Coventry

Job Type
Boiler Installation
Mrs M

Coundon, Coventry

The Problem
Mrs M had an old, inefficient boiler which giving her around 60p of heat per pound she spent. When the heating or hot water was turned on, the boiler would take an age to get warm before it would start heating the radiators or hot water tank to heat up.

Mrs M had an old dial thermostat in the hallway, with no thermostat valves in on any of the radiators. The problem with this was that the hallway was always colder than the rest of the house due to drafts coming through the front door. The boiler would be forever turning on and burning gas to try and heat a room that would never get hot.

The fact that Mrs M didn’t have thermostat radiator valves meant that, because the boiler was constantly trying to heat the hallway, all of the other rooms were getting hotter and hotter, causing Mrs M to feel very uncomfortable and hot. She’d have to turn the heating off and wait till she got cold again.

Over the years Mrs M’s radiators had become clogged up with sludge and debris from the radiators corroding. This meant that the radiators wouldn’t get no where near as hot as they used to. So not only did the boiler take and age to actually heat the system up, the radiators would struggle to get up to temperature anyway.

Mrs M’s hot water cylinder was very old and didn’t have much insulation. In the morning she would heat up her hot water tank for an hour, by the time the evening time came around she would have to reheat the tank so she still had hot water. This was extremely wasteful and costing Mrs M a lot of money on her gas bills. 

The showers in Mrs M’s house were fed from the hot water tank which wasn’t pressured by the cold mains supply, it was fed purely from the pressure that gravity would create (0.4 bar of pressure roughly) which was very slow and weak meaning showering wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

Overall, Mrs M’s system was very old and inefficient, lots of the gas she was burning was being wasted and not put to good use. The house was uncomfortable and was either too hot or too cold. It took forever to warm up leaving Mrs M feeling cold.
The Solution
Our mission is to help people save people money and by changing Mrs M’s boiler we knew we could instantly save help Mrs M do that, but to maximise her savings and the system’s performance there were a few solutions we had up our sleeve.

In Mrs M’s case, as she lives on her own, we recommended that it was time to remove her old gravity fed system and hot water tank and recommended she converted over to a combi boiler system. A combi boiler heats up the water as and when she needs it so it’s much less wasteful than her current set up.

Also a modern boiler runs much more efficiently than an old one, so rather than have a boiler that was giving her around 60p of heat per £1 she spends, her new boiler could give her around 95p of heat per £1 she spends.

We installed a new modern smart thermostat which worked differently to her previous thermostat. This particular smart thermostat wasn’t one that connected to the internet, but it’s still considered to be a smart thermostat. We relocated her new thermostat into her living room, meaning that the boiler will only be working when heat was required in the room where she spends all of her time. 

Not only that but to help control the heat across the rest of the property we install thermostat radiator valves. This enables Mrs M to dial down the temperature in her bedrooms or unused rooms. This helps the house feel much more comfortable and because the thermostats turn the radiators off when a room is at the right temperature, the boiler doesn’t need to work so hard because it has less
water to heat up over all.

To bring Mrs M’s radiators back to life we completed a complete power flush on her system, this is where we attach a large, powerful pump to the system and add some strong cleaning chemicals. The pump moves the chemicals round the whole system with extra power, causing the debris to be kicked up from the radiators and dumped into the power flush machine, the cleaning chemical strips the layer of sludge from the radiators which leaves a fresh layer of steel to help the radiators heat up
more efficiently again.
Client Feedback
"I’m so pleased with what HydroHeat has done for me, they did such a fantastic job. When Jamie came round he explained everything to me and made it sound so simple and really put my mind at ease.

They were so clean and tidy, there was no mess because they cleaned up after themselves. I knew I could trust them to just get on with it which meant I was able to go out and walk the dog, which was brilliant. I really liked the fact that they asked me how I was and if everything was ok and just made sure I was happy which was really reassuring. They were so lovely and so professional.

Now that the tanks have been removed from the loft and and the hot water tank has been removed from the airing cupboard, I have so much more space, its brilliant, but not only that I’m really happy that the tanks are gone from the loft because I would often worry about what would happen if there was a leak.

Now that I have thermostats on the radiators and a thermostat in my living room everything is so much better, my house is never too hot or too cold, it’s just right, all of the time, its great. The bedrooms I don’t use can be cooled right down now so I don’t feel like I’m being wasteful which I’m really please with.

Everything heats up so quick now, I turn the boiler on and within minutes all of the radiators are hot which wouldn’t happen before, it used to take ages to heat up, so that’s so much better.

The best thing is my shower is now pressurised instead of being fed from the tank, so it’s so much more powerful which is so lovely, I probably spend too much time in there now.

I can’t recommend having your new boiler installed by HydroHeat they really did do such a great, I’m so happy I chose them to install my boiler and I’ll be recommending them to everyone I know from now on.
Mrs M | Coundon, Coventry
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