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Combi Boiler Installation - Eastern Green, Coventry

Job Type
Combi boiler installation
Mr W

Eastern Green, Coventry

The Problem
Mr W had a boiler that was over 15 years old, after attending his home to investigate a poorly boiler, Mr W made the decision than rather invest more money into his hold boiler, it would make more sense to invest into a new boiler which comes with a 10 year warranty and get that peace of mind. 

Whenever we look at a new installation, we always look at the system as a whole. We found that Mr W not only had an old boiler, but his radiators were old and full of sludge and his thermostat and timer was old and not intelligent. 

After some investigation we learnt that Mr W really struggled with controlling his home to be a comfortable temperature, sometimes it would struggle to get warm (because his radiators weren’t performing like they should) and when it did get warm, it would either be too warm or not warm enough (because his controls lacked the intelligence to be accurate).

He also said that his hot water wasn’t performing like it used to and that he would have to run the tap really slowly to get the water warm, but it would sometimes get too hot and they go cold again. 


This was causing Mr W to waste a lot money on his gas bills.
The Solution
We solved Mr W’s problem first of all, by installing him a new Baxi 800 combi boiler, which comes with a 10 year warranty, we also increased the kW output from a 24kW to a 30kW, which allows Mr W to run a bath quicker.

During the installation we completed a power flush on the heating system, this consists of attaching a large pump to the heating system which pushes a strong cleaning chemical around the system at with a lot of power. This helps remove the sludge and refreshes the radiators so they can perform like they used to. This really helps the system be more efficient at throwing the heat out when it’s needed.

Mr W asked us to remove his old controls and replace them with a new smart thermostat. His new thermostat is a lot more accurate and controls his room temperature to be perfect. He now has a level of control that means his house if never too cold or too hot, it’s always just right.
Client Feedback
"When I first called HydroHeat in to repair my boiler, I had a feeling we night to replace it. When I spoke with Ben he made me feel as though he wasn’t just saying I needed a new boiler, he laid out the facts and gave me the option of the repair, but I felt as though I could trust Ben to give me the right advice and that was to replace the boiler. 

The process of buying the boiler was so efficient, Ben was able to give me a price there and then and within a couple of days they turned up with everything they needed and got the job done for me. They were very polite and friendly and they really took care in looking after my property.

Since the installation there has been as massive difference in how the house feels, before, I could never get the temperature right but now I don’t even think about it. The thermostat does its own thing and controls everything perfectly.

My radiators get hot quicker, before they used to take an age to get warm but now, within 5 minutes they’re hot. Same with the hot water, as soon I open the hot tap, within a few seconds my water is hot, and it stays hot for as long as I run it.

Overall, I’m extremely happy and I have no doubt that’s the HydroHeat have done the right correctly and that I have a nice new boiler that is set up the way it should be and will hopefully look after me for many years to come. Highly recommend getting in touch with them."
Mr W | Eastern Green, Coventry
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