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Plumbing & Heating Tips And Advice
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Plumbing and Heating – Tips and Advice

Hi guys, I’m Jamie, i’m the owner of Hydroheat Plumbing. Ive created this section because there are so many people or customers who have issues with there plumbing or heating, who end up calling out a plumber or gas engineer and paying expensive call out charges and costly hourly rates, for issues that could quite easily be rectified by yourself. O.k, so some things may be beyond your scope, and thats fair enough, but if I can give you tips on basic issues that commonly occur and you can save yourself a few quid then happy days.

So at the moment this is my first post so as you can see there’s not exactly much content as of yet, but ill keep trickling little things through the system, so don’t forget to occasionally drop in and see whats new, and if you guys have any questions about your plumbing or heating then please fire away i’ll be happy to help you out.

Ill be adding sections and categories, so you shouldn’t have a problem navigating through, but if your having difficulty you can always get in-touch by visiting our contact page. We'll be happy to help.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and you walk away with a little bit more knowledge than you had before, or even better, you saved yourself some cash.

Thanks again, Jamie.

Jamie Cureton
Jamie Cureton
Jamie is an extremely passionate heating engineer. He particularly enjoys the technology aspect of the industry especially how new heating controls work to help people save money and keep warm.
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